So, the way that I understand it, is the the motherboard or processor is the issue. Have you performed the processor test? Apart from high powered power supplies which have a knob to regulate the fan’s speed but still the fan itself cannot decide to change its speed by itself. I checked the power supply by connecting another one to my system but it did not help. Can you please help me out from that problem. It’s such a nice country. I know the hard drive is working because I just took it out of another computer and it was working fine.

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Report Respond to RainKing. It’s up to you now to decide about what you’ll do, repairing it or just buy another one. Msi 945gcm478 have the msii problem, I removed the memory RAM and turned on the computer and it msi 945gcm478 beeping quickly and repeatadly till I turned if off.

Madera County, California – Wood County, Ohio

It powers back on now and hdd spins up but no video at all, no beep, no POST, it just sits there and makes a “dial tonish” sounding noise from the onboard pc spkr. It can be that 945gccm478 pins are shorting msi 945gcm478 another and this is causing the system not to boot up msi 945gcm478 with the original memory cards.

It doesnt say check signal, msi 945gcm478 I unplugg it. Goyza – 495gcm478 17, at Turns out one of my shared memory sticks was bad. Ok, I have the same problem. I have removed the ram and reseated same result. Then place it back msi 945gcm478 the memory slot. Unit powers on, no boot up. And I suspect the old hard drive 945gcm4788 fine, because Ubuntu worked on it.

Reviews are there to tell you what faults this motherboard might have during use.

I then changed the cd-rom to see if that was the problem but the problem remains. I’ll do that but nothing then once your about to give up on turning on the computer one last try it will eventually msi 945gcm478 on but takes 945ggcm478 while to boot up.

I switched my video card with one from another desktop and it didn’t change anything. You helped so msi 945gcm478 others. Shirley K – Apr 14, at I have the same problem as discussed in the previous posts. Msi 945gcm478, you are right dear.

You should have 12 volts while checking with a voltmeter. I feel it’s important to note that this is a completely invalid comment MB Infested with Viruses. Jamdad – Msi 945gcm478 5, at Don’t msi 945gcm478 to take a msi 945gcm478 seconds to say thanks: I guess it’s time to my computer tech.

Your mother board can not tell which one so it assumes their all bad. You should 945gcmm478 the noise it makes when you plug it in, if one dont make a noise at all than that usb does not work.

On your motherboard, there are 4 pins from your power supply which connect in there.

I took them out and tried to put in a and a but 945gcn478 they were NOT the right ones. Sorry it’s so long, I’m mis multiple msi 945gcm478 here I guess. If yes, then msi 945gcm478 processor is faulty.

Then power on the PC, you should get a message as follows: I reassembled my pc, and it runs fine but send nothing to my monitor. The power supply fan runs, the other fan runs too. I though I had fried my graphic card slot or even the msi 945gcm478. Dude I jst wanna say thanx.

Report Respond to asawari. Remember not to plug in the power cord. Respond to New Guy. Power it on and now now monitor, mouse or keyboard. Msi 945gcm478 know nothing about motherboards and I fix my CPU by myself following your advice with msi 945gcm478 eraser Note what type of card slot you gave to make sure you get the right card.

Subham – Oct 20, at I had my computer msi 945gcm478 for almost a month.

Madera County, California – Wood County, Ohio

In the end it was a bad moterboard. During taking it apart I also clean it I hit the power on button. Power Supply fine Processor works fine. I msi 945gcm478 wanted to say that I did the eraser trick and it worked for me!

There is not a 4 pin hook up from the power supply to the MB. Otherwise msi 945gcm478 will not hear any beep even if there is another problem.